Event Schedule

July 18, Saturday

Marina Park, Thunder Bay.




4.00-4.30 pm – YOGA SHOW

4.45 – 5.45 – Chariot parade

5.45 – 6.00 pm – Opening ceremony

6.00 – 6.25 pm – Bharat Natyam Dance .

6.30 -7.00 pm – Oddisi  Dance .

7.00 – 7.25 pm – Bhakti Dance by Malini Taneja- Los Angeles

7.30 – 7.40 pm –Garaba Dance – World Dance centre, Thunder Bay.

7.40- 8.00 pm – Kathak Dance

8.00 -8.15  Door prizes and Closing remarks

Main attractions

 Chariot Parade:

A spectacular 18 ft. high chariot decorated with flowers and colors. The parade of chariot will represent universal love and brotherhood. The parade includes musicians and dancers.

Music and Dance:

Bharatanatyam and Odissi dance, Kirtans and Bhajans with Sitar, Saraj, Tamboura, Tablas, Mridanga, Harmonium and Kartals

Taste of India:

Delicious East Indian food will be served to all the guests. Last year we served feast to more than 5000 people.


Multiple exhibits art and culture of India. Various exhibits are as follows:

  • India – Another World: Exquisite photos of the architecture, art, and cultural and natural phenomenon that proves India to certainly be ‘another world’.
  • Transcendental Art Exhibit: It is said that ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’, in the case of these works of artistry, each piece represents a literal volume of supernatural narratives
  • The Science of Reincarnation: Drawing references from scientific studies, Biblical and literary works and eastern traditional sources, this conclusive information opens the vistas of its viewers to fresh perspective on their own lives, past, present, and future.
  • Food For Life: Outlining international food relief efforts, this presentation tells absolute success stories. From poverty stricken third world countries to war torn scenes of destruction to affluent urban areas’ needy such as the aged and homeless, Food For Life Global fills the emptiness in all respect
  • Illustrated Bhagavad Gita: Pages of the 5000 year old classic are enlarged and enhanced with photographs and paintings to greet the inquisitive with the highly revered conclusions of the most comprehensive presentation on yoga ever published.

Books on Yoga and Meditation: Book and reference booths.

Children’s activities: Face painting, games

Henna Tattoos booth.